What to Call Us

"church of Christ"?

When we look at the scriptures to see what Christ’s church is called, we find a range of descriptions.  What we don't find is a name for the church.  It's clear that the first century church didn’t exclusively use one description over another.  So, since we are trying to follow their example, why should we have a name?  Well, these days there are websites and community directories and so on, and while we still speak of our Lord's church using any of the descriptions found in scripture, we can see it would be confusing to the general public if we didn't stick with one description in published places like this website.

The trouble is, we also do not want to be confused with other religious groups, but whatever biblical description we use on this website and elsewhere will probably be used by someone else.  We discussed this amongst ourselves and decided the best description to use was “Southeast church of Christ”.  That is, we’re in south-east metropolitan Melbourne, and we’re a church belonging to Christ [Romans 16:16, as rendered in the Easy to Read Version].  We are not associated with any denomination which goes by the name “Church of Christ”, as we are an independent congregation, and you will see we are quite different to them.  We simply want to be Christians—followers of Christ—so as a group, we are simply a church of Christ.